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The Council of Britain

The Council of Britain (Notes for timestamped copyright purposes)
During the height of the Pandoran Crisis, there is the creation of the Council of Britain. Under attack from many sides, the monarchy slaughtered, the government reeling and the army collapsing, Merlin and his mad sidekick Taliesin come out of hiding. "It is time to create the council" says he. And so doing he brings first the young newly renamed men Arthur and Lancelot and those of their followers, but further more he casts into time and space and brings back (many reluctantly):

Robin (who refuses to return without Marian and his followers...Merlin reluctantly agrees)
John Graft
William the bastard
Simon DeMontfort
and Llud map Beli Mawr

The council of Britain is created. But there is a snake in the ranks, for the ancient Giant king Llud has no intention of ceding his former home to all that have come since. He envisions returning Britain to the Nephilim (giant kind), which will bring him into conflict with all the council but with Jack in particular. 

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