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famebright universe:

the story so far...

The Infinite Onion (By way of an explanation)
 The chance of life forming on any planet is so slim as to seem impossible. And yet despite this, life can and has sprung up from time to time across the current universe. So much so in fact, that it appears life is more normal than its absence. When this occurs, the planet in question becomes a nexus of energy, probability, and the likelihood of tea being invented. The various dimensions of thought and matter intertwine, forming countless realities, all attached, all co-dependent, all whirling unseen about one another, yet affecting each in turn. And so it came to be with this Earth, when, after millions of years, creatures began to swim in new-born seas.
 Similar creatures swam in similar seas, on similar worlds, throughout parallel realities. Each world becoming divergent and unique, while its inhabitants believed they were alone in the universe.
 After eons, an intelligent and self-aware species finally evolved on our Earth, Homo Sapien. Intelligence had already emerged in some dimensions and some distant quarters of the cosmos, sometimes so long ago that it had already become extinct long hence. While others, like our own had only just begun the quest for knowledge, and the incessant strife for dominance.
 Like an infinite onion, reality is comprised of many layers, or other dimensions. A number of these are inhabited by the beings we consider gods or monsters. In a chaotic dance these dimensions sometimes open up to each other and at other times are sealed tight. The various pantheons of classical religions are based on the specific inhabitants of some of these dimensions (Asgard, Olympus, Eden etc.). Magick exists (although on what many would call our “prime material plane”, it is very rare) but it is just based on a higher understanding of the manipulation of energy, which comprises all of “reality”. Thus most magic is learned through long study and difficult initiation into certain truths (Buddha, Jesus, Merlin etc.) but psionics are a branch of reality manipulation often used by certain sensitive people subconsciously.
 Throughout Earths tumultuous history, a select number of individuals have cheated death in a variety of ways. They are known collectively as the The Order of Dust, and among them are the Parched Man, The Sleeper, The Dreamer, The Maker, The Old Soldier and She Who Must Be Obeyed.
 For centuries mankind lived on Earth, unaware of the multiverse around itself. Some rare few, gifted with a sense of the otherworldly, cursed with experiences beyond the norm, or laboring with an intellect superior to their fellows, felt the presence of other worlds or worse experienced them first hand. Thus emerged mythology, folklore, mysticism and religion and that which mankind took to be the stories of legend were inspired by events on an alternate world, occasionally spilling over onto Earth-Prime. From time to time, beings from other worlds entered ours to roam beside mankind. Sometimes humans entered other worlds. But as humanity embraced science, much of the link between our world and the others were ignored, forgotten or explained away. Portals between worlds, once quite common, crumbled and vanished. The age of myth was over and the era of science was at hand. That is until 2179…

In 2179 the Audumla Station incident resulted in our universe vanishing as if it never were. Technological hubris created for the entertainment of the masses resulted in a universe full of magick, gods and monsters. The station and all that was, evaporated and everywhere on the earth in 50,000 B.C., a few thousand pissed off deities awoke. A new, stranger world progressed, time passed, humanity does as it usually does across realities, first it survived, then it thrived. The constant warfare of legendary pricks Ritemon and Mennodos ravaged the earth before they took to far off star systems. Millenia passed. But the threat of Ritemon and Mennodos returning their incessant war to earth resulted in Loki of Asgard making plans to resist them with a virus that creates super beings (named after Pandora...pithy he knew). It failed, and in a sad show of his pettiness, Ritemon destroyed the universe. But not before a tired old man made one last jump on an antique time machine. Arriving in 1941, Docteur Omega infused the soldiers and civilians of WWII with the Loki's Pandoran virus, leading to a world full of super beings fourty years before Ritemon and Mennodos arrival...

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