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Scott Cameron Entertainment Corp.

Scott Cameron: Deceased(?) Animator, Corporate entity.

 Harris Hare was originally called Vivaldi Hare.

Notes: Popular animation studio created by individual of the same name.  Famous characters include Reed Hog, Peter Pelican and Harris Hare, Wendle the Penguin, Zackary and Zanzibar Zebras and the only girl of the group Liz Lorris.

The company slogan is "The Rainbow Manufacturing Plant".  There is debate as to what exactly that even means.

Zachary Zebra and his brother Zanzibar also appear in numerous cameo roles in various children's books.

The Bear Gang.  A 1970's cartoon set in the Bronx.  Characters included:  Dunstan, Holden, Gungadin, Zen, Lock, Mel and Jeff.

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