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Close up of a hook with a worm in the water. Worm falls off-hook. Minnow swims up and eats it, begins to swim away but a bigger fish snaps him up. That fish swims away towards an appealing lighter object that just happens to be the tongue of a snapping turtle which promptly snaps said fish in half. Camera pans up to a peg-legged grizzled fisherman in a rowboat...he's on his fifth beer.

Blurb says towns name (Clarion, Pennsylvania) and date (1977):
Opens with a 50 something grizzled WWII vet fishing on the Clarion River. Light is fading and he is more intent on his beer than his rod. His hook catches on something, which snaps him out of his reverie. Whatever it is is big for the rod is dragged towards the water. Suddenly three cadaverous bloated creatures erupt from the water around him but he will not go quietly.

Grabbing his fishing rod he promptly impales one and pulls out his captured nazi youth knife from the boot of his one good leg, stabs it into the face of the other. The last of the creatures pull him underwater where the two roll under the waves, his elbow just barely keeping rotted fangs from tearing out his throat as he struggles with the straps on his wooden fake leg. Finally pulling it free he presses it against the creature's chest, pushing its steel-tipped point inside the creatures chest cavity with a strength borne of desperation.


Dragging himself exhausted and balancing himself on his one leg from the water, he looks up to see over a dozen more of the creatures, ranging in age from child to elder. He recognizes their faces...all are former neighbors, now turned as ugly as a harsh judgment. The man spits at the ground

"Well? what are you waiting for? Come on!... I fucking fought nazis for fucks sake! And let me tell you...compared to them yer a bunch of fucking pussies!". One of the rotting crowd stands taller and appears less putrid while simultaneously emitting a more profound sense of menace, his bloodshot eyes are clearer than his companions, the sneer on his face is a tad more deliberate. He grins, revealing his fangs. Fade to black.

It is 10 years later and Mike and Gabby are moving to their new home in Clarion, Pennsylvania. Their pleasant drive is interrupted by a gang of bikers who make some lewd gestures at the pointedly beautiful Gabby, angering Mike to the point that Gabby lays her hand on his arm to calm him, before they roar off on their Harleys. They soon reach Clarion to find that the gang has made this their new stomping grounds. The gang really should have picked a different town. The couple has found just what they deserve. Blood will flow. Cliches will be made. The Alarum will sound.

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