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Tales of the Space Patrol

My own take on the PD characters and setting of the Space Patrol (and numerous similar groups from old comics) for Middlemarch Comics (I'm using PD characters, but my own take in terms of plot and world building is obviously copyrighted to myself).

Universal Planetary Coalition (UPC)

Description: Serves as the interstellar governing body aimed at promoting peace, diplomacy, and cooperation across the galaxy. It facilitates treaties, manages conflicts, and coordinates scientific and cultural exchanges.

Key Members:

  • Governor Lara: Mediator and spokesperson of the UPC.

  • President of Hecuba: Influential policy-maker in the UPC.

  • Doctor to President of Hecuba: Advisor on health and environmental policies.

Space Patrol

Description: The military and exploratory arm of the UPC, tasked with defense, law enforcement, and exploration duties, divided into specialized branches.


  1. Fleet Command

  • Focus: Manages the UPC's fleet for defense and offensive operations.

  • Captain Jax: Strategic leader and commanding officer.

  • Captain Video: Heroic and innovative tactician.

  1. Ranger Corps

  • Focus: Handles reconnaissance, special operations, and first contact missions.

  • Captain Hi Judson: Intrepid explorer and diplomat.

  • Tommy Lawson: Navigator and tactical officer.

  1. Defensive Operations

  • Focus: Oversees planetary defenses and anti-piracy efforts.

  • Major Dinah Dean: Coordinator of planetary defense strategies.

  • Sergeant "Blast" Baker: Frontline defender against space piracy.

  1. Research and Rescue

  • Focus: Conducts scientific research and search-and-rescue operations.

  • Doctor Steve Crain: Leader of medical research and rescue missions.

  • Lieutenant Larry Cotton: Specialist in rescue operations.

Timeline of the War and Major Events:

  1. Year 2550 - War Outbreak

  • The Empress of Belzar initiates aggressive expansion, targeting vulnerable sectors near the UPC territories.

  1. Year 2552 - Betrayal Uncovered

  • Traitor Commander Senstral’s espionage activities for Belzar are exposed, leading to significant early losses for the UPC.

  1. Year 2555 - Galactic Response

  • UPC rallies under Space Patrol's leadership; strategic countermeasures are initiated, and Fleet Command leads several successful defensive operations.

  1. Year 2560 - Turning of the Tide

  • Ranger Corps, under Captain Hi Judson and Tommy Lawson, accomplishes critical reconnaissance missions that reveal weaknesses in Belzar's forces.

  1. Year 2565 - Major Offensives

  • General offensives led by Captain Jax and Captain Video strike at the heart of Belzar territories, gaining back lost ground.

  1. Year 2568 - Final Confrontation

  • With the major Belzar strongholds weakened, a final push is orchestrated. Major Dinah Dean and Sergeant "Blast" Baker play crucial roles in the decisive battles.

  1. Year 2570 - End of War and Peace Treaty

  • The Empress of Belzar is captured, leading to a peace treaty. Reconstruction and peace-building efforts are led by Governor Lara and the President of Hecuba.

Below are concepts for this setting. (Midjourney AI image generation)

Story Except:

Galactic Fronts: Polemos

Chapter 1: Shadows Over Minerva

The air was crisp and cold on Minerva, the capital planet once known as Earth, now a bustling hub at the center of the United Space Command's vast territory. Commodore Rex Clive stood silently on the observation deck of the High Command Tower, gazing out at the sprawling city lights that faded into the darkened curvature of the planet. His eyes, weathered and wise, reflected the starlight that filtered through the transparent dome above.

"Commodore," a voice broke the silence. It was Adjutant Speed Lansing, his closest aide, carrying a stack of encrypted datapads under his arm. "The latest reports from the frontier sectors. It's as we feared."

Rex turned, his face set in lines of determination and concern. "Let's hear it."

Speed handed him the topmost pad, his expression grim. "Surveillance satellites have picked up a massive buildup of Belzarian forces along the border of the Vesper Belt. It's not just a show of strength. They're mobilizing."

A heavy sigh escaped Rex's lips as he swiped through the data, each image and report confirming his worst fears. The Empress of Belzar, with her insatiable appetite for control and dominance, was no longer content with mere posturing. The images showed fleets of warships, each one bristling with the latest armaments, clearly preparing for something far more ominous.

"Why now?" Rex muttered, more to himself than to Speed. "What does she truly aim to gain from this?"

Speed looked out towards the horizon. "Control, sir. Complete control over the trade routes through the Vesper Belt would give Belzar a stranglehold on the sector's economy. And that's just the beginning."

Rex placed the datapad down, turning to face the map of the solar system glowing softly on the wall behind him. Strategic points flickered, each one representing a planet, a moon, or a space station, now all potential targets in a war he had hoped to avoid.

"We need to respond, Speed. Mobilize the fleet. Alert all sectors. I want General Brett Crockett on the line within the hour."

"Yes, sir," Speed acknowledged with a nod and briskly exited the room to carry out his orders.

As the door slid shut, Rex allowed himself a moment of solitude. The weight of impending conflict hung heavily in the air. He knew the decisions made in the coming days would shape the fate of not just Minerva, but of countless worlds across the galaxy.

Stepping closer to the window, he watched as a patrol cruiser darted across the night sky, its engines casting a faint glow. Somewhere out there, his forces, his commanders, and his allies would soon be engaged in a battle for their very survival.

"May the stars guide us," he whispered into the darkness, a silent plea for the uncertain future.

With resolve steeling his every step, Commodore Rex Clive prepared to lead his people into the maelstrom. The long war, foretold by so many, had just begun.

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