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Bruin Boys

The Bruin Boys, originally known as the Hippo Boys, are a group of mischevious animal children who live at Mrs. Bruin's Orphanage (or, in their original incarnation, were being taught at Mrs. Hippo's Nursery) - comprised of Tiger Tim, Porkyboy Pig, Jumbo Elephant, Joey Parrot, Willie Ostrich, Jacko Monkey, Georgie Giraffe, Fido Pup, and Bobby Bruin the bear.

Tiger Tim is considered the leader of the group, and when the Bruin Boys got their own publication, it would be called "Tiger Tim's Weekly". In Spanish localisation, Jumbo Elephant (also known as Jumbo Jim) would be the protagonist.

First Appearance

The Rainbow #1 (1914)

Original Publisher

Amalgamated Press

Created by

Julius Stafford Baker

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